On Distant Shores: own home in paradise

Tropical islands were never part and, most likely, will not be included in the top ten most popular areas to buy real estate abroad. This is due not only to their remoteness, though not without it, but with the high cost of housing and travel. However, in the luxury segment, they occupy their stable niche, where they have not yet manage to push any political or economic crises. Due to what they do it, and whether the change is coming in 2015?
Caribbean Islands
Diversity – one of the main distinguishing features that attract tourists to the region. Many islands, beautiful and different, all year round warm sea, beautiful nature, a range of hotels, a lot of entertainment for every taste. The only reason that you may not like any of the islands, – total rejection of summer, sun and sea with all their attributes. Maybe you prefer a ski vacation? Unfortunately or fortunately, these people are few. Simply finding someone to get a local real estate, but do not have opportunity, rather than vice versa.

Despite the fact that, first of all, is the direction of the elite and the rest of similar real estate, buyers only gets more notes from the company Pauline Kuleshov Henley & Partners. Great demand and economic citizenship program – “Visa Gold” in the Caribbean countries of Antigua and Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis.

The unstable economic and political situation in the world only affects the speed of the purchase decision, but not the quality or quantity of transactions. Investors continue to invest money in real estate for their own accommodation as well as for rental or resale.

The demand of foreign buyers, especially for citizens of China, the Middle East and Russia, remain stable and slowly growing. “Shifts in the preferences of our customers did not happen, as the high-end market do not have any clear trend, because it is not a mass. The main objectives of the purchase are: family accommodation and visa-free travel around the world, moving to permanent residence, business diversification, the expansion of economic activity “, – explained Kuleshov.

Rate East Caribbean dollar pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 2.7: 1. It is fixed and supported by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. Therefore, the local dollar – the currency stable. And the prices for real estate in the Caribbean (Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda) are growing due to the economic development of the region and increase the tourist flow.

“Customer requirements are always individual, so it is difficult to name the competition for the Caribbean. Someone important to go abroad for permanent residence, education, home, someone, on the contrary, it is necessary to stay in Russia. In the case of the last logical choice of options where the residence is not required. For example, the passports of Saint Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda can be obtained after the filing of documents and investments in the country at $ 200,000 (€ 164,000) without the need for a permanent residence. In this sense, the main European competitors are Malta and Cyprus. Their citizenship and residency permit to live, work, study and conduct business within the European Union without any restrictions on time, “- said the expert.
Dominican Republic
“Every whim for your money!” – This slogan fits the Dominican Republic, no less, and perhaps even more than the rest of the popular exotic destinations such as the mandatory attributes of sun, sea, beaches and beautiful tropical nature. Experts say that the Dominican Republic is ideal for wealthy people who value most relaxing holiday and privacy on the background of idyllic landscapes. For nightlife or busy “ekskursionki” you will not find here.

The demand for local real estate foreigners remains high, said Irina Ternovaya the company Atlantico Caribe. The Dominican Republic is actively goes and buys a large amount of property of Canadians and Americans who spend the winter months here. Also, in the past two years there has been a trend of increasing demand on the part of the Italians. They generally move to permanent residence with their entire families.

Economic shocks Dominican Republic in general, do not worry much, so the local currency stable and property prices show a slight, but the annual growth. This is especially true of land.

“As I said, life and leisure in the Dominican Republic – is a fun high-end, which is not cheap. Competition country, in my opinion, could reach the island in Thailand, the Canary Islands and the American Miami, “- said Irina Turnovo.
A little geography. Mauritius – an island nation in East Africa, located in the south-western Indian Ocean. From Europe’s a long way. What it attracts tourists and potential property buyers? Beach with soft sand, emerald water, which lives deep in the many colorful inhabitants, the tropical climate and the highest level of service. Along with all the classic holiday offerings in such a paradise, here love to celebrate weddings and anniversaries to celebrate. The point is not cheap, but want more than enough.

Hunters to the local housing too much. Specialist companies KAPINVEST Tatiana Trubert sure that the interest of foreign buyers to exotic destinations, and directly to Mauritius is always consistently high. This is especially true of the elite segment of the rest, because only exotic countries such as Mauritius, can guarantee the absence of mass tourism. And today it is an important selection criterion.

The prices of local real estate over all forecasts in the near future will only grow, Trubert added. There are several reasons: firstly, this is a market which offers quite a bit. The Government of Mauritius limit construction on the island to protect its natural identity and, of course, because of the very small area of the island. A limited supply of only spur demand and prices. Secondly, the acquisition of real estate in Mauritius in cost from $ 500 000 (about € 410,000) warrants for a residence permit in the country. This is the cost of the villa area of about 200 square meters.

Mauritius – an exotic area, which has few competitors. The unique nature, gorgeous landscapes, clean water, one of the best services in the world, luxury hotels, the best golf courses. Mauritius – a luxury vacation, the same that can be found, perhaps, in the Seychelles, the Maldives, or Haiti, “- concluded Tatyana Trubert.

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