Personal experience: tips from the owners of foreign real estate

2014 was eventful in many countries for the first time since the crisis began to actively restore the property market, the levels of sales went up. Russian-speaking buyers, made a great contribution to this. Our regular column “Personal experience” enriched to 60 articles, each of which read, you can learn where and why acquire abroad.
Keep some estimates the average boring and uninteresting, especially during the Christmas holidays. Therefore decided to compile all a great experience, which we shared with the owners of foreign real estate in 2014 …
To be or not to be?
With this question at the same time simple and ambiguous. Our interlocutors can be divided into two groups: those who have long harbored a buying decision, and those who came to this spontaneously. For example, Anna from St Petersburg, bought the studio in Estonian Narva , always wanted to experience life in another country, it is difficult to do during the ordinary tours. Once you have your own house, you can experience all the charms and flaws abroad.
And Elena from the same northern capital of Cyprus bought an apartment with three bedrooms by happy coincidence. Even on the island, she accidentally hit. Together with a friend decided to go relax in December. Choose between Tunisia and Israel. In the first woman did not like the weather, typical for this time of year, and in the second round turned out to be more expensive than planned. In the end, we took a two-week tour of Paphos. Time was enough, intrigued by advertising, pay attention to the local real estate.
With a choice of countries are still diverse. Some years chooses to relax a particular Bulgarian, Spanish, Turkish, or other resort and in the end, decides to buy local real estate. In such cases, a city, not to mention the country is not even considered. The choice of some customers affected by friends or relatives who share their successful experience of shopping.
Ironically, in our pragmatic age it happens so that people just carry out their dream. They decide upon the purchase of housing in the “ideal country”, never even visited there in advance. Of course, it is a rarity, but the song words can not erase. Although, more often, buyers approach the matter with the utmost seriousness. It is preferred that the country was easily accessible, it was culturally and mentally close, and the possibility of obtaining a residence permit increases its attractiveness many times.
Flour choice
Of course, one of the most important factors is the cost of real estate and life in the country. For the holiday home the clincher “for” is often close to the sea. Moreover, supporters of the first line, no less than its opponents. In seaside resorts, many are willing to pay extra for a sea view, and some are categorically against, and not just for primary savings. Among them was and Anastasia from Birobidzhan , which, choosing an apartment in Albania, knew that the proximity to the water threatens the appearance of mold, rust and many other “charms” of humid climate. So she bought a “kopeck piece” in the depths of the city and satisfied with our choice.
No less important criterion is the availability of infrastructure, at least in the nearby village. Welcome good attitude to the Russian-speaking, although the presence of compatriots in a residential complex or region is not always desirable.
Even on vacation, many are not willing to give up the big cities. For example, from Moscow Anastasia bought apartments in Marbele instead of Lloret de Mar, as it was convinced that the former is better suited to the residence of aliens: “In Catalonia, where the Lloret de Mar, has its own traditions. They’ve got an endless fiesta and siesta. For us, the Muscovites, who are used to the possibilities of a big city, a rhythm of life turned out to be inconvenient. In the evenings, weekends, holidays, there are not many establishments working service industry – beauty salons, shops, sports complexes … in Marbella is not so. ”
When it comes to investment property in the first place there is the level of potential revenue minus all costs of housing maintenance and services management company. And for those who plan to earn exclusively on the delivery of housing for rent, change and requirements for the selection of the country and the region. The most important indicator becomes a demand for rental and the level of interest rates.
Real estate investment, according to the experience of heroes of our articles, often without buying preview – examining only financial indicators, documents and photographs. For example, Mary of Alma-Ata, which became the mistress of two apartments with tenants in old buildings in the center of Berlin, knows them only by photos. A live only saw the house and locked.
Choosing a house by the sea for their own recreation people are more demanding. Try to pick up the options in the complex with its own protected territory, which may be located swimming pool, park, cafe, pay attention to additional options, such as the availability of parking, laundry service, beauty salon. Resellers are trying to find fully furnished and in good condition, “to come and live right.” If you buy a “primary”, the book repair turnkey with furniture and appliances.
Tips from “experienced”
“How would no running out, when you buy a house you should always look alive”, – the owner of the apartment in Barcelona Genel from Pskov .
“You have to weigh the” pros “and” cons “in proportion with its objectives. We must not be afraid to spend time searching for information, to communicate with agents to ask as many questions and find out all the details that interest you, to watch a lot of options of apartments. And I trusted my intuition and even wondered out which apartment to take, “- Anna from St Petersburg, bought the studio in Narva .
“Do not run to the realtor with burning eyes and buy the first available option. Look, think … You may also want to bargain and, where possible. Find a good realtor. Let him show you the entire spectrum of offers. After the display has choose what most attracted “- Alex from Magadan, I bought a two-bedroom apartment in Saranda Albania .
“Do not be afraid, it’s not as difficult as it might seem. The main thing to take seriously the issue and find a good agent, you can completely trust, “- Tatiana from Moscow, bought a two-bedroom apartment in Spain .
“Potential buyers advise itself to check all documents for real estate, is not listed there for her any encumbrances. Do not blindly trust the lawyers. In my case, our lawyer and the lawyer Seller “proshlyapili” a large debt – almost € 700 for water “- the owner of the apartment with three bedrooms, Cyprus Elena from St. Petersburg.
“Before embarking on the search for a particular option in detail think over all the details. What is the value of the property to you is really critical? How much time you are going to spend there? Do you plan to in the future to move to permanent residence? Do you need furniture? And how are you going to get to your home? And all these nuances discuss with the agent, “- Natalia from Moscow, bought a one bedroom apartment in Bulgaria Ravda .
“We need to find people who already have a house in the country liked you, and talk to them. There are many websites where people share their impressions and experiences of buying property. We experienced can get a lot of useful tips, “- the owner of the two-bedroom apartments in Bulgaria from Moscow Victoria.

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