Property Abroad Questions and Answers. What interested buyers in December?

How to terminate the contract with the developer and not to remain at a loss? What is needed for legal residence in Turkey for years? And what taxes will have to pay the owners of apartments in Germany? Here is the top 10 most interesting questions that troubled the potential buyers in the last month of 2014.

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How to terminate the contract with the developer and not to remain at a loss? What is needed for legal residence in Turkey for years? And what taxes will have to pay the owners of apartments in Germany? Here is the top 10 most interesting questions that troubled the potential buyers in the last month of 2014.

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Question №10: Turkey
Tatyana: How to seize an apartment in Turkey?
IRINA Mikhailik, Look-o-more Real Estate: The arrest may be imposed for an apartment with the help of a lawyer.
Question №9: Germany
VALENTINE: Can my daughter have a residence permit in Germany (married to a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany), to purchase a house to my name (a Russian citizen residing in Russia) in Germany by proxy? If this is possible, how?
LOVE Baumgertner, L & B Immobiliya: In Germany, a citizen of any country may acquire real estate in trust for the citizen of any other country. German legislation in this regard has no restrictions. To do this you have to make a warrant for your daughter according to the established pattern. If the power of attorney is issued not in Germany, then it must be apostilled and translated into German.
Question №8: Turkey
LAURA: I have a brother living in Turkey. I had wanted to stay one year to live. What you need to do? What documents are required?
IRINA Mikhailik, Look-o-more Real Estate: Brother – the owner of a property in Turkey? If yes, then you can conclude a lease agreement with him and on this basis to obtain long-term residence permit – 1 year
Question №7: Bulgaria
Lyudmila Sibiryakova: Under a preliminary contract in Bulgaria I buy an apartment in a newly built house at the time of the transaction is not ready to act 16. I was not satisfied with just the right option for construction. Can I terminate the contract in which the word of the act of 16 and get all the money back? Company has the right to take me a penalty upon termination?
Svetlana Pavlova, Pavloff Ltd. If in the preliminary contract have not been spelled out and agreed that the transaction and the principal amount of the payment will be only after receiving Act 16, then withdraw from the contract without penalty, you can not. These points need to specify in detail before signing the preliminary contract. The only option for termination without penalty may be the case if you were given only to sign a contract in the Bulgarian language, without a licensed interpreter for the Russian. But if the contract is drawn up in two languages and you signed, to argue that you have not understood and signed, there is no way.
Question №6: Germany
SERGEI: What are the conditions of purchase and property taxes for a living?
LOVE Baumgertner, L & B Immobiliya: At the moment, to buy real estate in Germany, there are no restrictions. Foreign citizens can buy any real estate in private ownership. Purchase can be done by proxy or in person. Our company provides the full support of the transaction, including all necessary translations and representation of the buyer. When you purchase a one-time tax paid on the purchase of real estate (Grunderwerbsteuer), the size of which varies from 3.5% to 6.5% depending on the federal state, and later paid annual land tax (Grundsteuer), the amount of which depends on many factors, but on average, the apartments range from 100 to 150 euros per year.
Question №5: Turkey
ELIZABETH: Do I need to renew ikamet if I left for a month out of the country? Ikamet I ended on November 16, I was married. Whether in this case the rule of the 60 days? Just to be here is not going to, come to sell the apartment.
IRINA Mikhailik, Look-o-more Real Estate: The rule is valid 60 days. Ikamet do not need to renew, unless you plan to stay in the country longer than 60 days.
Question №4: Latvia
Basil: In response was written, that the tax on dividends to a resident of Russia will have to pay in Russia. But the tax on dividends (10) in Latvia is paid from the account of the Latvian budget Latvia, and only then can we begin to pay dividends to the beneficiary. Did you have to pay tax on dividends in Russia if the tax had been paid in Latvia? This is the double taxation of work.
Gennady Kirillov, Loikk A: Taxes paid in Latvia, in the statement of income credited the fiscal authorities of the Russian Federation. Depending on changes in the law may be the issue of pay the difference. In the case of income tax (in Latvia – 15%, in Russia – 13%) did not have to pay extra.
Question №3: Germany
VALENTINE: If I buy property in Germany (I am a citizen of Russia), will I have to pay taxes for it in Russia?
LOVE Baumgertner, L & B Immobiliya: The owner of real estate in Germany pays taxes in Germany. If the apartment is not rented, then the tax is paid only from the land tax on the land. If the apartment is rented and revenue, while in Germany, paid income tax. According to the agreement on avoidance of double taxation between Germany and Russia, this income is not taxable in Russia.
Question №2: Bulgaria
EUGENE: In September 2014 I signed a preliminary contract of sale of apartments in the complex Butterfly in St. Vlas. It was made a non-refundable advance payment of 700 euros and approved the signing of an agreement with installment payment plan for 3 years in equal shares. The first two payments in the amount of 13,200 euros was made by me within a specified time within 1.5 months from the date of signing the contract. Further payments are distributed to mark 1 every six months until full repayment of the contract. Thus, at the moment I paid 30% of the cost of housing.
Can I get a refund of 30% net of the advance of 700 euros at the current situation it is impossible to make further payments (every six months). The agreement in this regard does not stipulate a phrase … neglazhenym to this contract are applied on orders of the Law on the Duties and Contracts Act and the Commercial Code of Civil Procedure.
Svetlana Pavlova, Pavloff Ltd.: In return 30,000 euros fully expect you will not be able in the case of termination payments under a contract with your hand, because in that case you will party in breach of its obligations. The only way a full refund of the money may be the case if the seller apartment violated somehow their obligations, eg not received in time any act or do not quality built, etc. But it certainly will need to prove.
Question №1: Germany
Mala Baltabaev: Can I get up to € 10-12 million for up to 10-15 years
for the purchase of existing office building, leased and brings the rent per month 5500 euros in Germany without equity?
LOVE Baumgertner, L & B Immobiliya: Get a loan from a German Bank possible, but only with its own capital. For citizens and residents of the presence of German equity is desirable in the amount of 10% to 30% of the purchase price, for foreign citizens – from 30% to 50% of the price depending on the subject and the personal financial situation of the applicant.
Question encore: Portugal
LARISSA: Tell me, please, will give you a visa to Portugal, the last three years if the person did not visit the Schengen countries?
Lucius Rusetsky, Amber Star – Mediação Imobiliária, Lda .: visa this fact is not affected.

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