Trading right: bring down the price of foreign real estate

Bargaining is always useful, but in light of recent events, a sharp drop in the ruble exchange rate and overall economic uncertainty, it is especially important. Today, € 50 000 rubles is quite not the money that a few months ago. So, a more appropriate time to master the skills of “successful receive a discount” is hard to find.
Carefully selects Agency

In most cases, the buyer is engaged in the selection of real estate abroad and registration of the transaction is not their own, but through the real estate company. Often, bargain falls agent. Therefore, it is important to establish a relationship of trust with them, to share their thoughts, to reveal the real financial capacity and to ensure that the intermediary acts on your side.

“Negotiations on bargaining with sellers engaged realtors. And for our part we always defend the interests of customers “, – says Elena from Campton ABC Cyprus Homes.

Do not be amiss to know in advance how to pay for the work realtor. Because the cost of housing for the buyer depends on its commission. Sometimes there are unscrupulous agents that may overstate the amount of their own remuneration. And it immediately hits the pocket.

“Some realtors can cheat nowhere who undertake the amount of € 4000 – 7000. Of course, then they can throw € 2000, but still above the average market price will be,” – said a company spokesman Dmitry Dilani.RU Invanus.
Study the market and compare prices
In stable markets, a lack of investors is not, and therefore the reasons for bargaining is not too much. But in the countries where the real estate sector in recent years has subsided, for example, in Greece, Spain and Cyprus, can still count on a decent discount. And this despite the fact that housing here and so much cheaper.

However, even in the crisis-hit markets, there is a segment of the most liquid objects for which demand remains high. Count on a large discount to the villa by the sea, followed by a queue of buyers, it is not necessary. In addition, cheaper than the object, the less likely discounts. In most cases, sellers, and so put a minimum amount, and they have no place “for retreat.” But if you’re willing to give up the option on the first line in favor of the housing at a distance from the sea , you have all chances to save further.

“Cheap in its segment objects usually do not allow large trade. For example, if the apartment in Spain is € 50 000 – 60 000, the most that you can count – is a discount of € 1000-1500. As for the location: the farther from the coast – the greater the discount “, – he explained Dmitry Invanus.
Learn all about the situation Seller
The sooner the owner must part with their property, the more likely he will make concessions. So if you want to save, you should pay attention to the options for a quick sale of property. Of course, you have to know when to stop and hope that you will just “throw off” more than 10%.

“If the seller is in urgent need of money or an object has for a long time could not find a new owner, in respect of a serious-minded buyer, the owner may be more flexible,” – said director of sales ETU Homes Eric Rosenfeld.
The necessity of discounts

Bank loans and installment nobody forbids, but full payment as soon as possible once an advantage over the other contenders for the object you like, and can reasonably talk about the discount. Most likely, the seller will not give up on this.

“Many developers offer customers credit, which is incorporated in the price. If the customer is willing to pay at once, you will certainly reduce the cost if the Bargain. With private sellers more difficult as the installments are less common, but for the opportunity to receive the money from the sale quickly and in full, many are willing to make concessions, “- said adviser on the Bulgarian real estate Alexander Zvezdanov.

A good reason for the price reduction are certain disadvantages of the object. For example, the presence of mold, dilapidated structures, faulty plumbing, and so on. We should not focus on the shortcomings themselves, to better explain that to overcome them will require additional financial costs.
Haggle only object you want
Talking about the discount is only when you have found “the one” option, and your search is over. At the first inspection of the apartment or house is not necessary to try to bring down the price, because of their seriousness, you have not yet demonstrated. And excessive activity in this matter can make the owner simply abandon your candidacy in favor of more reliable buyer.

“Bargaining is always possible, but now” price tags ” in Bulgaria, so reduced. Talking about additional discounts needed only if you chose a particular object and see the real reasons for the discount, “- said Alexander Zvezdanov.
Capture all the arrangements for official papers

You can hope for decency seller and verbally discuss the conditions and size of the discount, but it’s unprofessional approach. “All agreements or attach in the preliminary contract, or in the annex thereto”, – Alexander advised Zvezdanov.
– Set yourself a maximum and minimum amount of the transaction. When there is a clear strap costs, and the subject of bargaining becomes more understandable for both sides.

– Start with the minimum limit. If you liked the property, then called minimum price you have set for yourself, and you say that your offer is valid for a short period of time, such as 5-7 days. If the seller agrees, you close the deal for you at the lowest cost. If you say that you want to add a certain amount, then it is a good reason for the start of trading.

– Be kept. Irritability and excessive emotionality is better to leave with him as when communicating with the agent and by the seller. Calm business conversation rather toward you man and convince him of the seriousness of your intentions.

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