With serious changes: c April 1, property owners receive a residence permit in Montenegro

The long-awaited accession of Balkan countries to the states that provide “golden visa” finally took place. The country’s parliament in December 2014 called the date of entry into force of the law – April 1, 2015. Prian.ru figures out what to expect from innovation.
Draft Law on Aliens was submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro as early as December 2013. Thus, its coordination lasted a whole year. The news of the approval of the Parliament Act was published on the website The Ministry of Labour of the country.

The law implies the possibility of granting foreigners owning real estate in Montenegro, to get a residence permit on this basis, for one year, with the subsequent extension. At the same time introduced a minimum amount is the cost of real estate. It is not known what. Montenegrin Ministry of Finance to determine the threshold promises entrance to April 1, 2015.

Although it is unclear how much will cost the Montenegrin residence permit, experts have divided opinions on the correct price level. So, my point of view on this issue expressed Anton Shamarin, managing partner of «VALUE. ONE»: «In my opinion, to the law really caused a fundamental change, the threshold should not exceed € 150 thousand. This will attract the attention of mass audience to Montenegro, make it one of the most interesting countries in Europe in terms of getting the “golden visa”. But guess what will actually price bracket, hard. For certain it will be possible to find out in the near future, when the Ministry of Finance to set that threshold. ”

It is already known that the law simplifies the procedure for obtaining residence permits for foreigners working in Montenegro. After its adoption, instead of two documents – a residence permit and a work permit will be issued to a single document in the form of a plastic card. It should certainly make life easier for those who plan to employment in the Balkan country.

Previously, to obtain a residence permit had to open his own company in Montenegro. Naturally, this was due to the cost of its maintenance and bureaucratic difficulties. Shamarin Anton says: “camym common basis for obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro was employment or setting up a company or entrepreneur with subsequent employment. In addition, there were such grounds as marriage, family reunification, education, etc. Now they continue to operate, but also added the possibility of obtaining a residence permit on the basis of tenure. ”

Adoption of the law will be very useful, given the current situation in the real estate market in Montenegro. In the past few years, the housing sector of the country is experiencing stagnation. Real estate is slowly but surely becoming cheaper . In addition, because of the political situation and the devaluation of the ruble amount of the main foreign buyers of real estate in Montenegro – the Russians – was reduced .

Most experts agree that the adoption of the Aliens Act will have a positive impact on the real estate market in Montenegro. Anton Shamarin generally agree with this view: “The law can significantly improve the situation in the real estate market in Montenegro, but this will depend primarily on the value of the minimum threshold value of the property, entitlement to a residence permit. The main influx of buyers looking to get a residence permit in Montenegro on the basis of tenure, it is expected from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. ”
What do we have, “the bottom line”? The minimum threshold value of the property to obtain a residence permit in Montenegro has not been determined. However, it can be assumed that the authorities will rely including the experience of other countries that provide “golden visa”. We do not undertake to make a prediction as to the exact numbers, but we offer you a comparison of the cost of the permit and the conditions of its production worldwide.

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