Z-TOWERS: the most ambitious project in Latvia at the finish line

Top news Latvian real estate market: the end of 2015 will be commissioned in the North Tower of the famous complex Z-TOWERS. Have begun pre-sales of apartments. Complete start of sales is scheduled for the end of February. But now it is clear that Riga has built skyscrapers were not only the highest in Latvia, but also set new standards for first-class property. What kind of standards in question and why this news is not only the Latvian scale – in this material.
This year interest in luxury project with foreign buyers is expected to be strong. Crises are experiencing the best luxury segment – usually, generally speaking, is true not only of the real estate, for everything – from perfume to cars. While the budget brands lose customers and therefore are forced to lower prices to stay at the luxury brands and even increase their number of potential customers.
The calculation is simple: during the crisis the conservative model for investment, ie acquire the best facility in the market, it seems most think. Whatever happens in the economy, the buyer receives the assurance that its assets are the least exposed to the risk of falling prices. Real quality simply can not be impaired. It always will be in demand.
The case for small – to find a “real quality”. Let’s be honest: sometimes loud epithet “elite” real estate brokers adhere to any object “a little better than average.” However, after entering the market Z-TOWERS Riga sellers have to follow certain standards.
LOCATION. The center of Riga – and thus, the charm of the old city and the possibilities of the modern European capital, a pleasant climate and the proximity of the seaside. And a friendly linguistic environment, international business standards, first-class banking service and very fast internet. And all this in a few hours from the Russian capital – thanks to daily flights to reach the apartment in the city center can be quicker than giving up in the suburbs.
ARCHITECTURE. The facade of the complex Z-TOWERS designed by world-renowned architect Helmut Jaan. Among his significant works – the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels, Sony Center in Berlin, the 75-story skyscraper City Spire Center in New York. Elements glass facade do not form angles, allowing residents of Riga towers get undistorted field of vision. A look at what is – an impressive panorama of the old city, and from the upper floors at a glance – the Baltic Sea! The architectural style towers in common with luxury finishing in the halls of New York skyscrapers of the early twentieth century splendor of tall buildings of modern capitals of the “Asian tigers”, and thus different European restraint and sophisticated elegance.
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Environment. The concept of the complex is equally thought out for those who intend to live in it permanently with the highest level of comfort and service, and for buying property for investment purposes and to obtain a residence permit in the EU. This is not just an apartment, and comfortable environment. The complex will house Z-TOWERS school, working on the standards of the British education system, SPA center with 25-meter swimming pool, fitness center, laundry, restaurants, including a healthy diet, Italian food store, parking and car wash, at a location the territory is a park with rare plants, and will be provided round the clock concierge service. And in the South Tower offices will appear that you can buy or rent, a conference room and coworking premium.
APARTMENTS. Buyer offers apartments as a design decoration and furniture, as well as without it. Luxurious apartment does not have to be huge. The Z-TOWERS has comfortable rooms is located on 35 square meters – the perfect alternative to a hotel. Not necessarily – obscenely expensive. In this complex prices start from € 148,000! However, for those who appreciate luxury in scale Z-TOWERS also have a suggestion – the 613-meter penthouse that occupies the entire top floor of the highest building in Latvia. The cost of this unique property … has not been disclosed.
DESIGN. On the amount you can bet, but the style and functionality in the elite segment – the concept of uncompromising. The interiors of the apartments in Riga skyscrapers develops design bureau Xcelsior. The overall style – a synthesis of classic and modern. The main principle – a customized solution for each.



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